Sunday, August 30, 2009

Palazzo Pants

Skirt Pant! Skirt Pant! Skirt Pant! Sekepaang.....

Extra Wide Leg or else mention it as Palazzo Pants. For me, I'd love to say it as skirt-pant hehe. This flared, ultra wide, loose-fitting women trousers have been set in trend since 1960s-1970s. The pants are usually designed high-waisted and matched with ruffles shirts for classy and elgant look. Otherwise, some like it simple with a tank top and jacket. Surprisingly, don't be mistaken if you think this pants never suits the petites. Yes, it does. Just choose any palazzo with extra long and pull it out with your best stillettos. You will definitely look polished and become the center of attention.

Lauren Conrad in her high waisted palazzo pants.

Above is the picture of Lauren Conrad, my favourite fashion icon ever. Her exquisite styles speaks her talent in fashion. Now, speaking of her palazzo pants, I think she look stunning. The white ruffles shirt, a leather jacket, studded belt and pair of peep toes are perfect for her appearance at David Letterman Show. I am so envy with you LC!! Moreover, her iconic Chanel Classic Caviar Jumbo Flap is enough to possess every bagaholics.

Palazzo Pant bought in Istanbul, Turkey.
No-name black tunic top.
Navy Blue Blouse with pleats from Warehouse.
Black Pumps from Dunnes Store.
Totes from Christian Dior.

What do you think of me wearing the palazzos? Well, I look halved in the first picture. I blamed it to the photographer, my husband. Heee. (Sorry, Hunnie!!). N'ohhh I am just kidding. I do admit my shape look wider and shorter. I knew it and I don't care as I love my skirt pant a lot for its slouchy and flowing effects in every gesture. I avoided wearing heels because my palazzo is only ankle length so it is a bit short. If I put it together with heels, my skirt pant will look hanging or best word "senteng sangat bangat". And that will shows too much skins from above-maleoli to the rest of the feet. Macam tak sesuai untuk muslimah pulak. Heee...The skirt pant that I was wearing has a very extra large wide leg, an almost A-cut. As if 2 legs can fit into one. This pant is well known to Turkish Hijabis.

So, where can you shop for palazzo? The closest and cheapest way is at your door step pasar malam or uptown. Seriously yes, it is available everywhere around the country. Nowadays, the price is around RM20-RM30. The picture below is taken from

From The Closet: Raya Collections

Just feel like sharing some of my previous Raya collections.

Kebaya Pendek with Songket. Raya 2008 at Kg Surau, Salor, Kota Bharu.

Baju Kurung Kain Viscose. Raya 2006 at Malaysia Hall, Dublin.

Baju Kurung. Raya 2004 at Cheme's room, 318 South Circular Road.

Baju Kurung Thai Silk .Raya 2004 at RCSI Examination Hall.

Baju Kurung Moden Embroided. Raya 2005 at UCD Astra Hall, Belfield.

Baju Raya 2009??Am still looking for it. I have found few that I liked and within budget. Just wait for few more days to decide. Hehe. There is no rush as I am not so particular about it. So, I'd rather wait for more searchings. Anyways, how's Ramadhan treating you or more appropriately how did you treat Ramadhan so far? Let's hope for a better day after day. Keep doa' asking for Allah's guide and may He bless our deeds in this holy Ramadhan. Ameen.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That Tribal Look!!

Here, I present my very first masterpiece at In the very beginning, I was totally blank in choosing what style I would like to throw out. I couldn't think much. Maybe because, it was nearly a day of fasting, my mind just shut down. I wanted to stay chill while bertafakur waiting for berbuka puasa. Then, after a while before I turn off my laptop, the idea came suddenly. I was thinking something for daily wear. As for me, usually I pick a simple blouse or tunic and pull it off with jeans and flip flop. It is perfect for me to go for groceries or some quick daily shopping.

As below, I chose a tunic with somewhat a Nigerian vintage pattern. This kind of tunics are easy to find anywhere around the country. Another option is the Punjabi blouse which is available everywhere including pasar malam. For more details, check out That Tribal Look! at Thank you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

FCUK Long Sleeve Dresses


Look at these FCUK dresses. My heart just melts, my eyes are rolling and my mind can't stop thinking of it. I'd say Jana, from Hijab style made a brilliant pick by chosing Dinky Dress and post it to her blog. I just fell in love at first sight. The Dinky dress she chose perfect for my style. Then, I started click on it to dig for more. Another wow, i found more and more flattering long sleeve dresses. Leave the prices for a moment as I want to hail the style and designs. If only I can copy the designs and bring them to local tailor hoping for cheaper costs. Obviously, even the best tailor in town could never produce the same quality. Those dresses are very exclusive. I dont think I could ever find it at any street, thus comes the marked-up price. High street dresses like these are worth it due to its fine cuts with the best materials.

Now, lets supple the eyes with these FCUK latest dressses.

Sugars Dress 75pounds
I imagined this dress is best worn by some a petite lady who'd like to go chic. With pleating detail to hem will add some cuteness in her style.

Mae Dress 200pounds
I always love glamorous sequinns. This body fitting evening dress may not actually suitable for a decent and modest muslimah ladies. However, I think it might suits for skinny ladies. Just choose one size bigger than usual, then you can freely wear it with no hesitation. I'm so into its bead bird embellishment.

Himalaya Dress 50pounds
This gingham printed dress goes well for muslimah rockers. Ala ala Yuna style gitu. The fabric is 100% cotton.

Dinky Dress 75pounds
This one is my favourite. It is simple and practical for outing. The rounded neck gives the chance to style your tudung anything you like. Rounded neck brings more room for your neck to breath. Plus, it fit your chest and shoulders nicely.

Bex Dress 130pounds
This could be an evening dress or stylish office wear. I think the sleeves are see through, so choose black long sleeve inner wear or buy piece of black satin and sew it. Yet, another simple and perfect for slimmer looks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Salam Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum wbt, In the name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful.

An Evening treat from husband at Haagen Dazs, Dublin.

Hooray it's Ramadhan again. Alhamdulillah we are all still given a chance to celebrate yet another ramadhan. I consider this year's ramadhan should be my best ramdhan ever. It is now really up to me how I spend my ramdhan for better or for nothing except "lapar dan dahaga". Why I said that? It happened because I am currently unemployed, thus I have like 24x7 hours so called "free time" to make my ramadhan more meaningful than usual. What I meant by meaningful is my ramadhan has to be fulfilled with reciting qurans, extra sunat prayers, terawih 20 rakaats, and most importantly reaching to the gate of lailatul qadr. As other people, I am sure everyone of us must at least have liitle intention to khatam quran till the end of ramadhan. However most people never succeeded including me. There are always excuses like tired from work, no time due works, travelling balik kampung, and so on. Having said that, some people still feels no guilty. Now, I feel like "sudahlah tulis pepanjang tapi sendiri masih malas, buat ape". So, from the moment i signed off this entry, I will leave my laptop, perform ablutions and pray then baca quran. InsyaAllah. Hopefully, you all will do so and keep continue doing it. Lets together istiqamah to attain a close position to Allah's heart. Amin.

Good luck to me and awak juga!!! =)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Style and Travel: Leaving On A Jet Plane

When it comes to travel, especially a long haul flight, I always feel restless thinking of my clothing especially tudung. You know how your tudung going to be after you fell asleep in a very limited space. It could turn almost a nightmare, enough make you feel so uncomfortable and rimas. Then, you have to make an excuse to the person seating next to you to move out to lavatory. Then, when you are in the lavatory, again the tiny space definitely restricts your movement. After all, you started rimas with everything. Now, I hate flying regardless how far the journey is. Well, that maybe happens to people like me who only afford to pay for economy class. Maybe, it will be a different perhaps better story if you are purchasing business or first class. Phew. It is rather too difficult to juggle the complications of travelling while trying to stay fashionable.

This is my best guide to look polished and stay comfy. I think tudung ekin is very convenient for a journey like this. It is easy to put in and pull off. Where as for tops, I'd prefer something lightweight so with the outer wear like jackets, cardigans or sweaters. I always need those kind of outer wears since I could never stand even little cold. While for pants, I will choose my most favourite jeans which I feel most comfortable to pull up and down. I would choose the same for shoes, it has to be something flat and straight forward. No heels or strappy.

At Heathrow Airport.
Long Sleeve Checkered Dress from Replay 10pounds
Boot Cut Levi's Jeans 20pounds
Red Wedges from Schuh 20eur
Silk Tudung from Guess 50eur. (Definitely wrong pick for travelling!!)

Just landed from Geneva, Switzerland during end of winter.
Knitted Black Jumper from Extraordinare 5eur.
Long Cardigan from Zara 15eur.
Jeans tak ingat.
Flat pumps from Clarks.

As you see, I was wearing few layers of which substitutes my coat. It is definitely a good idea for having different styles each day of your travel. But, don't forget to wear inside warmers. I am sure you don't want to get sick which can just ruin your holiday. Nak stylo punye pasal, berjalan kesejukan.

At Dublin Airport.
Long Sleeve Blouse from Bershka 10eur.
Sleveless cardigan from Pennys 7eur.
Jeans from Guess.
Wedges from Pennys 5eur.

I love the wedges a lot. It is now my most favourite shoes of all. For me, it is very stylish and flare. Not to mention, how comfortable it is. The navy blue and wood colours are perfect match and goes well with any jeans. Since, I loike it so much, I still insisted to wear it on my journey to Kuala Lumpur. It was a bit less practical because there was one time I have to run with it. Therefore, just before I board the plane, I slipped it off and switched to ballet pumps which I packed in the hand luggage earlier in case of emergency.

What's your favourite wear in a long haul flight?

See ya.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Style and Travel: Viscose vs Botanical Garden

Today's chosen picture was taken last month at Botanical Garden, Dublin. I brought my FIL and husband just for evening walk while soothing our eyes with the fascinating views. Only Allah knows how I really appreciate His creations. HE designed the plants and trees through human being by giving us the brains hence comes the ideas. Subhanallah.

100% Viscose Dress from Oasis 20eur
Skinny Jeans from Guess 15pounds
Hobo bag from DKNY 100eur
Wedges from Primrak/Pennys 5eur
Tudung bought in Istanbul, Turkey.

Green House

Hibiscus aka Bunga Raya/Kebangsaan planted in the Green House.

For the dressing, I chose a viscose dress from Oasis and matched with my all-time favourite Guess Skinny Jeans. I'd love viscose materials because it makes me feel like wearing t-shirt at home. Viscose clothing even available in baju kurung which became famous in Malaysia few years ago until now. Kain viscose amatlah sesuai dengan cuaca Malaysia. It is very practical to wear as the materials allows breathing just similar to cotton weaves. More, it is lightweight and cheap. However, a very cheap viscose is easy to wrinkle. I also read a statement said viscose fabric is not environmental friendly due to its polluted by-products while processing in factories. Now, I feel bad for walking in the beautiful garden while wearing a dress-which-caused-pollution. Sigh. Hehehe. Wallalhualam...


Monday, August 17, 2009

Of Malay Weddings

Salam all,

I was very excited once I knew I'm coming home for good. Even more excited, when I was invited to friends' weddings. However, husband and I only managed to attend 3 wedding receptions. Those 3 receptions were Eliza's-Ziham's and Ruzain's-Ainul's, both bride and groom and sides. Eliza's reception was held at Renaissance Hotel, Kota Bharu. I was a bit overwhelmed since the event was held at my birthplace and my aunt and uncle were invited too. The venue was more than perfect. It was beautifully decorated in innocent white just like what I've been dreaming of. Sigh. My pelamin turned peach-white when I asked for true white. Whatever it was, I am still happy to be married. Alhamdulillah.

Ok, let's move to what-to-wear as a guest. Since I was small, I remembered when it comes to wedding my mother always busy looking for new baju kurung as if like her own wedding. Well, what's the difference with me, her daughter ;). I tell you, the difference is I like to "recycle" my existing baju kurung/kebaya. I am not kind of person who likes to buy and spend. This time, I simply took my most glamourous baju which is my baju nikah and wore it at Ruzain's reception. Actually, it was my 3rd time wearing it. Unfortunately, my body size is now bigger than the baju. Come on, it has been 2 happy years, of course I've gained some weight and extra fats. So, I sent my favourite baju nikah for some alterations. However, I was a bit stupid, didn't realised the kain has to be altered too. Then, it was too late already. Sigh. After that, I made some efforts and dragged my mom to search for ready made kain sarung to match my baju nikah. Just the day before the event at night, I found one. Thank God for granting my needs hehehe. Ops. thanks to mom too, you're superb!! I was so delighted that until now I still can wear my baju nikah. Now, I don't feel guilty anymore for spending RM500+ for the lace and satin 2 years ago, it was worthy. I didn't regret too for choosing light green because I wanted it to be practical for long-lasting wear. (But, kesian pulak my husband 'cos he hates his green baju melayu).

Left: At Ruzain's and Ainul's Reception, Dewan Perdana Felda.
Right: Me and Husband at Outdoor Shooting after Akad Nikah on 31st August 2008.

At Ainul's reception, Bachok, Kelantan. I was wearing my sister's baju kurung pesak, a hand-over.

From Left; Uncle, Aunt, Mom, Me. At Eliza's and Ziham's reception, Renaissance, Kota Bharu.
I was wearing last year's baju raya. Bought in Kemaman, Trg for less than RM80 sepasang.

I grabbed this oppurtunity to congratulate Eliza-Ziham, Ruzain-Ainul, and Mahirah-Arif Fahmi( sorry tak berkesempatan datang wedding korang). Hopefully, your "baitul-muslim" remains forever and cherished by Allah's blessings. Thanks for the invitations.

Style Tips: Baju kurung/kebaya plain or bercorak geometri or tidak terlalu berbunga amatlah sesuai untuk dipakai di majlis-majlis kahwin yang beretika dan formal. Where as, baju with lace and sequinns are perfect for night events.

With Love,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Salam From Malaysia

Assalamualaikum wbt,

It's a bit delayed since my last entry. I just moved, back to my own mother-land Malaysia. I'm still getting used to this hot climate which is not so tropical anymore. I'd barely feel the humidity. It was rather dry and windless. Now, I'm start thinking whether all my current outfits would be suitable or not. Obviously, the lighter you wear, the better you can walk at ease. So, is that mean no more layering as I always love? Hmm, I think we can just reserve it for night time or just whenever you feel like going into cinema or shopping in a well air-conditioned mall. I haven't got any pictures of any styles as yet due to some technical difficulties. Furthermore, I'd like to wait for more observations and researches from local styles. Let just be patient because I can't wait too.

Anyway, just want to share this one fabulous online fashion blog for muslimah: It's the UK First Style Guide For Muslim Women. When I first met this blog, I was instantly inspired more than ever. It gives me the spirit to continue blogging for fashion styling. I was also a bit enthusiastic when I found out the "Reader's Contributions" segment . So, for being slightly confident (perhaps, for being narcissistic hehe), I sent my entry. I'm not hoping for people's vote as if like other kind of competitions. But, my entry is more about me as the blog's reader and here is my contribution as below:

Get Featured in Hijab Style, Reader's Contributions.

That's all for now.