Thursday, September 17, 2009

Celebrity Muslimah Make Over: Jennifer Aniston

Ever dreamt of having the style of top celebrities? But, restraint due to our strong believe to Islamic rules of women clothing? The rules are no doubts. Don't feel ashamed, you're doing what's right as Allah's servant. In fact, we all should feel proud and blessed for being a Muslim because Islam is the way of real life. Our Quran and Prophet Muhammad SAW give us the best guidelines in the world for us to obey.
Here, I'd like to make another stepping stone to my blog by making a celebrity style possible to a muslimah fashionista. Lets see what I've got with the help of

Lets copy Jennifer Aniston look at the Los Angeles premier of Love Happens to a stunning hijabis-proved. She was wearing A sparkling silver Valentino minidress with matching gladiator heels. In Style has chosen her as one of their "Look of the day" because Aniston played up well with her legs in the fall-friendly ultra-short beaded design.

Hijabis Bling Bling

As for me, she's definitely look simply sparkling no matter what she wears. Too bad, the showbiz world only "sees" her sexy long legs rather than her outfit. So, why don't we cover up the legs and make the silver dress more flattering with wide leg pant, a sheer blouse (as to mask a bit the body fitting from the dress), and of course a matching hijab/scarf/tudung. There are 2 different purse you can choose. A studded clutch is best for extra glam look. Where as, a shoulder handbag from Chanel is choosen not only for its practicality also the simple design helps to reduce the bling bling effect reflected from the whole outfit.

p/s: drooling to have all those bling bling!!! The closest "silver-wear" I've got is a puffy shoulder dress bought while visiting London 2 years ago. Nak jumpe Queen mestilah kena pakai baju bling bling sket baru setaraf. Hik Hik Hik!! Picture was taken at Madame Tussauds.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Womens Fashion in Suite 101

Forget about the word “fashion” and think “style” – it may be mentally less intimidating or more “wearable”! says Ripley. Jacqui Ripley is a journalist and an author of The Makeover Book (Piatus 2004).

I just love Ripley's quote about fashion and style. I found her in Womens Fashion section in Suite 101. For me, Suite 101 serves the best fashion tips ever. It is very informative, intelligent quotes and very inspiring. It caters all the average women out there (including me) who sometimes stuck in a style rut. As we all know most fashion magazines give us all the trendy looks which most of the times beyond our reach hands and body. Whether, the fashion is too expensive or the fitting is extra small. Therefore, I really recommend Womens Fashion in Suite 101 to everyone who loves to style and be confident in your very own comfort zone. Even though, the site is focusing more to middle aged women, the style tips are still practical for everyone even mens.

Lets take a word by word from the world known fashionista, Victoria Beckham. She said in her book That Extra Half Inch (2007), " Whether you've got 20pounds to spend in Top Shop or £2,000 to spend at Gucci, looking good isn’t about money, it’s about style, and style never goes out of fashion.”

Before leaving this entry, I would like to grab the oppurtunity to wish all Muslims in the world "Happy Eidulfitri" or "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri". Mohon maaf sekiranya ada keterlanjuran kata sepanjang perkenalan kita melalui blog yang tidak seberapa ini. Have a safe journey home. Last but not least, be stylist as the way you liked it!!!

Loadsa Love,


Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Evening in KL. Dare to Layer?

Top to toe:
Chiffon Scarf with Awning
Navy Blue Shirt from Guess

Sleveless Black Cotton Voile Cardigan from Pennys
White Boot Cut Jeans from MNG
Wide feet heel from Clarks
Large Tote from Chritian Dior
Chain necklace and bangle from Accesorize.

It has been a month since I moved in Kuala Lumpur from Dublin. Even though the weather never promise comfortness but your outfit can. However, comfortness could be in many ways depending on your perceptions. Some like to wear heels for comfort (Really??hehe), some prefer to wear "almost nude" (by means short skirts, bare shoulders and so on), and some just love full coverage such as wearing wide jilbab and large abayas. As for me, I love layering but I only prefer to wear it at night time. Some may never agree on wearing layers of clothings in this very warm country. However, it is never a big deal for me as long as I know my clothing materials are light and breathable. As for the above picture, I chose a plain navy blue shirt size L and layered it up with sleveless black cardigan made of cotton. Other choices, you can choose anything from silk, linen or rayon. Those are best for hot climate just like our country.

These cardigans are perfect for Malaysia-Summer-all-year-round. They are all from Promod. For your information, Promod retail outlets are available in Pavillion and The Gardens.

Gauze Fabric Shawl Jacket in Blue
Gorgeous jacket in a lightweight fabric with lots of volume on the front and a tie belt. With longer front hem, hemmed edges and a shawl collar.

Lightweight crushed jacket.
Summer jacket in cool cotton voile with an uneven hem, longer at front and ties with beltloops to fasten at the back. A covetable fashion item.

Hopefully, the idea works for you too. Selamat Mencari Kedinginan Malam AlQadr.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Real People Real Fashion: Sharifah Arni's Casual Look.

Yet, it's shopping spree again. Raya is just around the corner. Some people are still doing shopping, some has just finished shopping while some likes to wait for the very last minute to grab even better deals. However, shopping in this time of Ramadhan while fasting, is very exhausting. So, it is important to dress up very lightly with extra room for air, to minimize sweating as to avoid skin dryness and body dehydration.

Top to Toe:
Tudung ala ala Ekin RM35
Large bag from Carlo Rino RM200+
Grey Dress with large Button detail from Peace Collection RM40
Straight Cut Jeans From Guess 30pounds
Beige Sandals from Crocodile.

Meet my SIL, Sharifah Arni. She likes to wear something simple and casual. Her most favaurite colour is pink. However, as you see her picture today, she left her pinky outfit behind and pick a great mixture of grey, black and yellow. Definitely simple and casual. The vibrant yellow makes her style pretty outstanding. Good job!! Keep it up!!



Friday, September 4, 2009

Today is The Editor's Birthday

Alhamdulillah, today I just turned 26. My only wish is to get pregnant in anytime soon. Hehe ameen. I am blessed to be married to a wonderful husband with his adorable family. I feel my life is almost completed. Nothing else could I ask for, well, except having kids. I am grateful being a daughter to my parents and a sister to my beautiful siblings.

Thank you.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Style and Travel: Barcelona Baby


Casa Batillo
Parc Guell
Sunset at Barcelonata.
At Barcelona FC Official Retail Store outside Nou Camp Stadium.

I landed on Barcelona about 2 months ago for 4days 3nights family vacation. The place was spectacular with Antoni Gaudi's unique building architectural designs. Gaudi's has made one of remarkable pieces in world history. No one in the world could ever challenge this Spanish Catalan gothic-based creations (as yet). The churches, especially La Sagrada Familia was purposedly made spooky dark with an almost hallucinatory power. In fact, La Sagrada Familia is never completed and always under construction ever since it was built in 1884, the same year Gaudi's started his career. Rumours told that the church was meant to be never-finished as to show how brilliant Gaudi was when no one could ever do the same as Gaudi's masterpiece.

La Sagrada Familia.

Montjuic Castle serves the place where you can be on top of Barcelona. Going uphill, family and I had to choose a cable car or else we could never make it. The view of Barcelona from the castle was fantastically magnificent!!! (exaggerating..). Inspite of the city, I can see the artificial shores from Barcelonata Beach as well as the Port of Barcelona which situated on the north coast of Balearic Sea.

At one of the stall in front of La Sagrada Familia.

Top to toe: Tie rack scarf, A Gucci shade, DKNY Hobo bag, A striped dress from Zara, Jeans that I cant recall, and Wedges.

The Zara dress is super light weight, easy to squeeze and very handy for a traveller. Defintely, a space friendly.

I also visited Parc Guell, a UNESCO world heritage garden complex also designed by Antoni Gaudi. I was looking forward the walkway where ANTM used to made it as their runway and it worked. The park was huge as we started from the back exit. Thus, it was quite a distance to reach to the main concourse including the walkway. Oh ya, the walkway is not just an ordinary pathway. It was built just underneath the side of the hill. It was designed like a sloping arch with one side of the wall kept opened, the roof supported by the "tree trunks" and the other wall is closed. The whole idea was incredibly magnificent. Subhanallah.

At the walkway in Parc Guell.
Top to toes: Tie Rack scarf, White Blouse from Calvin Klein, Waist Belt from Pennys, Awear Bootcut Jeans-like-trouser, Snake Print Pump from Dunnes.

White top goes with anything. If you're looking for style in travelling, white is the perfect colour to look elegant.

Lets move to fashion style. As usual, before start packing, I have to make sure all the clothings are easily matched to each other. I brought 2 pair of shoes. I chose to wear wedges on plane as to save some spaces for other needs. While, the other shoes was a soft snake print pump which I can slip in anywhere in the baggage.

Top to toes: Black long scarf, Checkered Dress from Replay, Skinny jeans from Awear, and Wedges.

At Placa Catalunya, awaiting tour bus to go shopping at La Roca Village.