Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Entry Reminiscence: wearing RED

Few days ago, I blogged about wearing RED ("Is Wearing Red Considered Too Much for A Muslimah"). Today, I would like to share the idea of wearing red as part of the outfit. See picture as below. At first, I thought the colour combination looks silly, but after seeing the results from the picture, I kinda liked it a lot. The picture was taken last Deepa-Saturday at Taman Tasik Perdana. Me and my childhood friends from Sekolah Rantau Petronas had a little catch up meeting aka gathering after years not seeing each other. I was a bit frustrated by the unexpected "English" weather. After almost 2 hours got stuck under a shelter due to pouring rain, then only we all managed to come out and "play". By that time, it was already 6pm and I defintely had to go home.

From Left To Right:
Me, Aisha, Hani, Khairi, Nikman, Fara and Anuar.
Style Details:
Floral Square Scarf from Tie Rack.
White Cotton Dress from Mango.
Black Corduroy Skinny Jeans from Pennys.
Red Peep toe Wedges from Schuh.

Till next round.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stylish Headgears

I'd say wearing a hat over a scarf/tudung is definitely highly fashionable and stylish. This is how you can be different and stand out in crowd. But, make sure you have the right hat with a right time as you may end up by over doing it. For example, if you choose to wear a snow cap or woolen barrett, winter season might be the only best time to style them out.

A winter cap from Primark. I was wearing on top a black scarf during winter 2008 in Dublin.

Hijabis in Hats by Hana in StyleCovered.

As for now, I could never imagine wearing the winter caps in this all-year-round-summer country, Malaysia. Hey, don't feel dissapointed as there are loads more other ranges of hats you could choose to complete your style. One of my favourite is called fascinator or a cocktail hat. It is a headpiece which are commonly made with feathers, flowers and/or beads attached to the a comb, headband or clip. They are more practical and easy to put on. Really? It is easier said than done. I need some guts to walk down on the street wearing those feathers on my head. Those fascinators are commonly found at horse-racing event, which I have no idea the reason behind it. Besides that, they are also popular for weddings.

Fabulous fascinators from Accesorize.

Pretty ladies with their chosen hats at Dubai World Cup, March 2009.
Picture taken from Hijab Style.

A headband from Tie Rack.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beautiful Butterflies

A Meghan Dress from

The use of butterfly in fashion is nothing new. Butterflies are widely used on T-shirts, tunics, dresses, scarves and sometimes jeans. Other than that, there is also a design called "butterfly dropout". Once, I thought the word is taken from an anatomical wing from a butterfly which then gives the idea of butterfly-winged sleeves or what ever makes the clothing loose and flow. However, after a thorough searching through the net, I found the history behind a so-called "Butterfly Dropout". The idea was created by Tova Celine, a vintage designer who is currently working as a group in Sublimation Factory/ TSF. She said,

"Butterfly Dropout is an offering. Each garment tells a story, through images collected over a lifetime, from many lands, cultures, and ages, pieced together as a collage of life. The line`s message resonate inside us."

An Ivy Dress from Butterfly Dropout.

So, it is rather metaphoric from the butterflies metamorphosis which resemblance human stages of life. Whatever it is, I love butterflies a lot. Be it as room decorations or clothing designs or fashion accesories. I just love them all. They are so feminine, pretty, sweet and stunning.

My favourite possession. A butterfly golden ring from Accesorize. But, there is one funny thing when you are wearing it. It hurts others palms when you do "salam" hand greeting. Ops, sorry.
Wow, a must have bracelet. It matches the above ring. A butterfly bracelet from Juicy Couture.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Care to Dress Modestly?

I am currently anxious thinking of what will happen next week. Fyi, I'll be back to work in fort night time, right after I finish my induction course starting this 20th Oct. So far, I have no idea where the KKM going to send me. I am hoping that, the hospital which I am going to work is not so far from my husband's place. Ameen...

Anyway, that is not the issue I would like to address today. As a muslim women, I wonder if we all care to dress modestly. This includes from top to toe, our hair/head, body shape and our feet. Are modest clothings are out of fashion? I totally disagree. What is fashion? Lets together read what has been suggested by Wikipedia.

Fashion refers to the styles and customs prevalent at a given time. In its most common usage however, "fashion" describes the popular clothing style. Many fashions are popular in many cultures at any given time. Important is the idea that the course of design and fashion will change more rapidly than the culture as a whole. Fashion designers create and produce clothing articles.
The terms "fashionable" and "unfashionable" were employed to describe whether someone or something fits in with the current or even not so current, popular mode of expression.

The ones highlighted are the key words to the word Fashion. Who makes fashion popular? It must be the top, most influential fashion designers. Who are those top fashion designers? Most of them are non muslims, even so they are muslims, they must be liberals. So, this is what we should afraid of. They rules clothing industry and we the ones with little faith are so vulnerable to follow what they have served. As said earlier, fashion change more rapidly than the culture. Where as, it shouldn't happen in Islamic culture because Islam is a complete way life, which is practical anytime, anywhere.

I wish I could be the middle person who knows how to blend well the trendy fashion styles and the hijabis needs. For some reason, I don't think I could because I am still learning about fashion. To be able to do so, I think I have to quit my job, take some related professional courses and work as a full time stylist. Since, it is far than I could reach, I would like to summon all Muslim fashion designers out there to work hard to the professional level in order to fight the current westerners fashion designers.

Last weekend, in the morning, I was chilling at home while catching some news in Harian Metro. As usual, reading Harian Metro at times could be daunting. However, my attention is given to an advert article entitled "T Shirt labuh muslimah by Ilham-Muslimah". Having talked about dressing modesly, I think the t-shirt labuh/elongated T-shirt introduced by Ilham-Muslimah could fit nicely in the word modesty. In the very beginning when T-shirt labuh being commersialised, I never liked it much because it looks like wearing a pyjama. But, I just loved the new designs with laced bib necklines. The dress-like-cutting makes the T-shirt even more stunning. I can now imagine wearing it with my favourite slim-fit/skinny jeans. Below are my favourites.

Happy buying with Ilham-Muslimah.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scarves & Wraps

If I am not mistaken, I haven't post anything specifically about scarves or how to wear them. Actually, few years ago, friends started to reckon me as "stylo" through the way I wrapped my tudung/scarf. Be it rectangle or square, I always tried to wrap it around my head and neck as long as I didnt strangled. I think I have tried most of everything from the very thinly sheered tudung bawal/voile No. 1 to a blanket-like pashmina, which is so thick. After all, my favourite would always be a 45inch square scarf with its materials something like donatello or mortada or pramit. Despite a very reasonable price, they are all light weight. Thus, when you are wearing it, wrap it around and tidy up by pin it, you will be smiling comfortably. It is so easy than you could imagine. The drape results is very satisfying. Other than the 45inch square scarf, I also prefer the long/rectangular donatello's with the same reason as above.

Here, I have few different styles but with almost similar look. I could not show how exactly the wraps are done because of lacking some technical experts. However, I think nowadays, most women know a basic way to wrap a square scarf. No rocket science needed. We just need an anak tudung/inner cap of your choice and a small square scarf. Just centre your square scarf on your cap without having to fold it to a pyramid shape like we regularly do with tudung bawal. Then, pin it under your chin, and you may start pull one side longer to your chest and now turn it around your head neatly. That's it, almost done. All we need now is your creativity to finish it. As per this entry, I chose a shocking pink anak tudung with awning and a mortada-like scarf. Hope you enjoy the results.

Style 1: A basic 360 turn and finalised with a small brooch at the side of face/ear.

Style 2: Instead of using a pin under the chin, I tried to bring it to the back. That means, I pinned it behind in between neck and occiput. Then, I just bring forward all the remaining drapes both sides and cross them as usual.

Style 3: "Mak Limah" style is wearing tudung without having to turn 360 around your head. Just simply pull one side longer, place it on your shoulder and let the remaining tudung fall behind your back.

Till the next round.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is wearing RED considered Too Much for A Muslimah??

My Red Fashion Collections
Sleveless Red Dress paired with Long Sleeve Red Shirt.
Floral and Striped Square Scarf from Tie Rack.
Sequinned Bangle from Accesorize.
Peep Toe wedges from Schuh.
Vintage Shopping Bag from Cath Kidston.

Do you think a decent Muslim Woman would consider to wear red? Hmm, my answer is : I am not sure. As for me, sometimes, I do fancy Red stuffs like stationaries, electronic gadgets, handbags, accessories, shoes, clothings and many more. I have a piece of plain Red dress which I bought 2 years ago and I only wore it once. So often, I still have some doubts, by means lacking of self-confidence to wear the red dress. I wonder how RedMummy managed to hail Red colours in almost everything she owned. She must have a strong character that makes Red is just perfect for her braveness and profound self-esteem. Thus, came the word success in her life.

Now, back to the earlier question. I still wonder if Red suits a true muslimah. I don't think I am a true muslimah as yet, but I always try to be like one. Again, but I love to dress up with style. Is colour plays a role in clothing to be a perfect muslimah. Maybe, it does. Whites and blacks, sometimes Brown and Gray are commonly found in jubah/abayas. I think jubah/abayas is an ideal clothing for a muslim woman. Those colours portrays a decent and humble personality. They never considered too much or over shown. Unlike Red, which is meant to be attractive.

While searching for some sources regarding this matter, I found an article about "Warna Pakaian Muslimah oleh Ustadz Aris Munandar" posted by M Shubhi Baiquni from Indonesia in Facebook. The article is very reliably helpful. It is hard for me to translate in English, since I am not a "pro" in literature.

Dari al Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abi Bakr, “Sesungguhnya Aisyah memakai pakaian yang dicelup dengan ‘ushfur saat beliau berihram” (HR. Ibnu Abi Syaibah 8/372, dengan sanad yang shahih)
Pada tulisan yang lewat telah kita bahas bahwa yang dimaksud dengan celupan dengan ‘ushfur adalah celupan yang menghasilkan warna merah. Perbuatan Aisyah sebagaimana dalam riwayat di atas menunjukkan bahwa seorang perempuan muslimah diperbolehkan memakai pakaian berwarna merah polos. Bahkan pakaian merah polos adalah pakaian khas bagi perempuan sebagaimana keterangan di edisi yang lewat.
Berikut ini beberapa riwayat yang kuat dari salaf tentang hal ini:

Dari Ibrahim an Nakha’i, bersama Alqamah dan al Aswad beliau menjumpai beberapa istri Nabi. beliau melihat para istri Nabi tersebut mengenakan pakaian berwarna merah.

Dari Ibnu Abi Mulaikah, aku melihat Ummi Salamah mengenakan kain yang dicelup dengan ‘ushfur (baca: berwarna merah).

Dari Hisyam dari Fathimah bin al Mundzir, sesungguhnya asma’ memakai pakaian yang dicelup dengan ‘ushfur (baca: berwarna merah)
Dari Said bin Jubair, beliau melihat salah seorang istri Nabi yang thawaf mengelilingi Ka’bah sambil mengenakan pakaian yang dicelup dengan ‘ushfur (Baca: Berwarna merah). (Lihat Jilbab Mar’ah Muslimah karya al Albani hal. 122-123).


Usually, Red is matched with black or white. Alternatively, red also goes well with blue jeans, gray, dark brown or beige. I wish I know how to tone down from Miss Sexy Red to Miss Easy Looking.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sneak Peek Of Baju Raya

Open House at Shu's place, Bangi. I was wearing kebaya moden made 3 years ago. I knew wearing kebaya is a huge mistake for big appetite like me. I was a bit uncomfortable after a plate of nasi ayam served at Shu's place. There is no room to expand my stomach. My tummy was tuck in by the kain and pesak kebaya yang dah agak ketat. I insisted to wear that 3-year-old kebaya with the reason "while I still can fit in". I am afraid the chance of wearing that kebaya will be gone soon enough before I thought. Hehehe

Raya with sisters and cousins. I hate seeing me in that Baju kurung China Silk just because of its shoulder pads. They are too bulky as if I was wearing American football sports attire. However, I still like it considering the price is only RM39 and the colour is light pink.

On day-3 raya morning, family and I went visiting Mok's (Arwah nenek) grave and presented her with tahlil. So, there's no need to dress up a lot. I simply chose a baju kurung zaman sekolah with yellow cotton munawarah tudung to enlighten my misery after visiting arwah Mok.

This is raya day 2 at paternal's place, Kg. Surau Salor, Kota Bharu. I was posing with Mek, my grandmother. This is baju kurung moden, which supposedly become last year's baju raya. Unfortunately, it was only ready for collection after raya. Therefore, I kept for this year's raya. Alhamdulillah, I managed to save extra costs. Heee...

1st syawal was celebrated with this brand new ready-made baju kurung moden. The size is Large as the cutting is a bit small for me. Darling husband was a bit devastated as I didnt choose to wear blue to match his baju melayu. Ampun maaf di pinta sayang. Anyways, thanks for duit raya.

p/s: Lalalala...still ader mood nak beraya?takde org nak ajak pegi open house lagik ker??hehehe
Jgn lupe, kalo berkesempatan puasa 6.