Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scarves & Wraps

If I am not mistaken, I haven't post anything specifically about scarves or how to wear them. Actually, few years ago, friends started to reckon me as "stylo" through the way I wrapped my tudung/scarf. Be it rectangle or square, I always tried to wrap it around my head and neck as long as I didnt strangled. I think I have tried most of everything from the very thinly sheered tudung bawal/voile No. 1 to a blanket-like pashmina, which is so thick. After all, my favourite would always be a 45inch square scarf with its materials something like donatello or mortada or pramit. Despite a very reasonable price, they are all light weight. Thus, when you are wearing it, wrap it around and tidy up by pin it, you will be smiling comfortably. It is so easy than you could imagine. The drape results is very satisfying. Other than the 45inch square scarf, I also prefer the long/rectangular donatello's with the same reason as above.

Here, I have few different styles but with almost similar look. I could not show how exactly the wraps are done because of lacking some technical experts. However, I think nowadays, most women know a basic way to wrap a square scarf. No rocket science needed. We just need an anak tudung/inner cap of your choice and a small square scarf. Just centre your square scarf on your cap without having to fold it to a pyramid shape like we regularly do with tudung bawal. Then, pin it under your chin, and you may start pull one side longer to your chest and now turn it around your head neatly. That's it, almost done. All we need now is your creativity to finish it. As per this entry, I chose a shocking pink anak tudung with awning and a mortada-like scarf. Hope you enjoy the results.

Style 1: A basic 360 turn and finalised with a small brooch at the side of face/ear.

Style 2: Instead of using a pin under the chin, I tried to bring it to the back. That means, I pinned it behind in between neck and occiput. Then, I just bring forward all the remaining drapes both sides and cross them as usual.

Style 3: "Mak Limah" style is wearing tudung without having to turn 360 around your head. Just simply pull one side longer, place it on your shoulder and let the remaining tudung fall behind your back.

Till the next round.



  1. Suka tudung size Tie Rack. Senang sangat nak pakai. Hehe. Shawl tak berani lagi nak pakai sebab dia jadi penyet kat dahi. Rasa macam dahi jendul je. Haha :p

  2. Reena: lately, i can see org2 yang muke bulat2 pon dah berani pki tudung lilit penyet ok dah kot....dah tak nampak janggal...hahaha tapik care u pki tudung dah ok sgt. Simple and kemas. =