Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is wearing RED considered Too Much for A Muslimah??

My Red Fashion Collections
Sleveless Red Dress paired with Long Sleeve Red Shirt.
Floral and Striped Square Scarf from Tie Rack.
Sequinned Bangle from Accesorize.
Peep Toe wedges from Schuh.
Vintage Shopping Bag from Cath Kidston.

Do you think a decent Muslim Woman would consider to wear red? Hmm, my answer is : I am not sure. As for me, sometimes, I do fancy Red stuffs like stationaries, electronic gadgets, handbags, accessories, shoes, clothings and many more. I have a piece of plain Red dress which I bought 2 years ago and I only wore it once. So often, I still have some doubts, by means lacking of self-confidence to wear the red dress. I wonder how RedMummy managed to hail Red colours in almost everything she owned. She must have a strong character that makes Red is just perfect for her braveness and profound self-esteem. Thus, came the word success in her life.

Now, back to the earlier question. I still wonder if Red suits a true muslimah. I don't think I am a true muslimah as yet, but I always try to be like one. Again, but I love to dress up with style. Is colour plays a role in clothing to be a perfect muslimah. Maybe, it does. Whites and blacks, sometimes Brown and Gray are commonly found in jubah/abayas. I think jubah/abayas is an ideal clothing for a muslim woman. Those colours portrays a decent and humble personality. They never considered too much or over shown. Unlike Red, which is meant to be attractive.

While searching for some sources regarding this matter, I found an article about "Warna Pakaian Muslimah oleh Ustadz Aris Munandar" posted by M Shubhi Baiquni from Indonesia in Facebook. The article is very reliably helpful. It is hard for me to translate in English, since I am not a "pro" in literature.

Dari al Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abi Bakr, “Sesungguhnya Aisyah memakai pakaian yang dicelup dengan ‘ushfur saat beliau berihram” (HR. Ibnu Abi Syaibah 8/372, dengan sanad yang shahih)
Pada tulisan yang lewat telah kita bahas bahwa yang dimaksud dengan celupan dengan ‘ushfur adalah celupan yang menghasilkan warna merah. Perbuatan Aisyah sebagaimana dalam riwayat di atas menunjukkan bahwa seorang perempuan muslimah diperbolehkan memakai pakaian berwarna merah polos. Bahkan pakaian merah polos adalah pakaian khas bagi perempuan sebagaimana keterangan di edisi yang lewat.
Berikut ini beberapa riwayat yang kuat dari salaf tentang hal ini:

Dari Ibrahim an Nakha’i, bersama Alqamah dan al Aswad beliau menjumpai beberapa istri Nabi. beliau melihat para istri Nabi tersebut mengenakan pakaian berwarna merah.

Dari Ibnu Abi Mulaikah, aku melihat Ummi Salamah mengenakan kain yang dicelup dengan ‘ushfur (baca: berwarna merah).

Dari Hisyam dari Fathimah bin al Mundzir, sesungguhnya asma’ memakai pakaian yang dicelup dengan ‘ushfur (baca: berwarna merah)
Dari Said bin Jubair, beliau melihat salah seorang istri Nabi yang thawaf mengelilingi Ka’bah sambil mengenakan pakaian yang dicelup dengan ‘ushfur (Baca: Berwarna merah). (Lihat Jilbab Mar’ah Muslimah karya al Albani hal. 122-123).


Usually, Red is matched with black or white. Alternatively, red also goes well with blue jeans, gray, dark brown or beige. I wish I know how to tone down from Miss Sexy Red to Miss Easy Looking.


  1. the only thing i've in red is my purse...itu pun fikir 2-3x b4 purchasing..hehe..selalu teringin juga nak beli beg/kasut warna merah tp end up beli warna2 yg blh match dgn semua baju mcm hitam or coklat.tgk collections fadzie ni rasa2nya why not sesekali tukar merah kan? ;-)

  2. Yeap, yup true. Tapik, dont end up like me yang beli merah tapik tak pki sgt...Adusss...

  3. Ada a few je baju merah. Dulu langsung tak berani pakai, tapi pastu dah okay. Semua color belasah je. Hihi. Cuma tak berani pakai head to toe merah :p