Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stylish Headgears

I'd say wearing a hat over a scarf/tudung is definitely highly fashionable and stylish. This is how you can be different and stand out in crowd. But, make sure you have the right hat with a right time as you may end up by over doing it. For example, if you choose to wear a snow cap or woolen barrett, winter season might be the only best time to style them out.

A winter cap from Primark. I was wearing on top a black scarf during winter 2008 in Dublin.

Hijabis in Hats by Hana in StyleCovered.

As for now, I could never imagine wearing the winter caps in this all-year-round-summer country, Malaysia. Hey, don't feel dissapointed as there are loads more other ranges of hats you could choose to complete your style. One of my favourite is called fascinator or a cocktail hat. It is a headpiece which are commonly made with feathers, flowers and/or beads attached to the a comb, headband or clip. They are more practical and easy to put on. Really? It is easier said than done. I need some guts to walk down on the street wearing those feathers on my head. Those fascinators are commonly found at horse-racing event, which I have no idea the reason behind it. Besides that, they are also popular for weddings.

Fabulous fascinators from Accesorize.

Pretty ladies with their chosen hats at Dubai World Cup, March 2009.
Picture taken from Hijab Style.

A headband from Tie Rack.


  1. i love the 1st pic very much :) tp ween rasa hat agak x practical kut in Malaysia as a hot country?

  2. I do agree as I said earlier especially woolen hat. So, try out fascinators. =)

  3. fadzie ni stylo la...i've to admit it sbb berani mencuba sesuatu yg lain dari kebiasaan...why don't u write for mags...hantar la artikel2 yg related to fashion,my SIL is an editor for a mag...nnti kak suzie try tanya cara2nya.

    ur blog is my #1 e-mag tau esp it writes about woman who wears hijab :-D

  4. How about 'caps'? Do you think it`ll look good especially on teens? Cause` I`m one (:

  5. Aaaa..tak berani nak pakai. Hihi.

  6. woww..fascinators are awesome especially on hijab! great post.