Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beautiful Butterflies

A Meghan Dress from

The use of butterfly in fashion is nothing new. Butterflies are widely used on T-shirts, tunics, dresses, scarves and sometimes jeans. Other than that, there is also a design called "butterfly dropout". Once, I thought the word is taken from an anatomical wing from a butterfly which then gives the idea of butterfly-winged sleeves or what ever makes the clothing loose and flow. However, after a thorough searching through the net, I found the history behind a so-called "Butterfly Dropout". The idea was created by Tova Celine, a vintage designer who is currently working as a group in Sublimation Factory/ TSF. She said,

"Butterfly Dropout is an offering. Each garment tells a story, through images collected over a lifetime, from many lands, cultures, and ages, pieced together as a collage of life. The line`s message resonate inside us."

An Ivy Dress from Butterfly Dropout.

So, it is rather metaphoric from the butterflies metamorphosis which resemblance human stages of life. Whatever it is, I love butterflies a lot. Be it as room decorations or clothing designs or fashion accesories. I just love them all. They are so feminine, pretty, sweet and stunning.

My favourite possession. A butterfly golden ring from Accesorize. But, there is one funny thing when you are wearing it. It hurts others palms when you do "salam" hand greeting. Ops, sorry.
Wow, a must have bracelet. It matches the above ring. A butterfly bracelet from Juicy Couture.


  1. exactly...i loike it a lot..hishh can't resist..

  2. wah...butterfly bracelet!!