Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Care to Dress Modestly?

I am currently anxious thinking of what will happen next week. Fyi, I'll be back to work in fort night time, right after I finish my induction course starting this 20th Oct. So far, I have no idea where the KKM going to send me. I am hoping that, the hospital which I am going to work is not so far from my husband's place. Ameen...

Anyway, that is not the issue I would like to address today. As a muslim women, I wonder if we all care to dress modestly. This includes from top to toe, our hair/head, body shape and our feet. Are modest clothings are out of fashion? I totally disagree. What is fashion? Lets together read what has been suggested by Wikipedia.

Fashion refers to the styles and customs prevalent at a given time. In its most common usage however, "fashion" describes the popular clothing style. Many fashions are popular in many cultures at any given time. Important is the idea that the course of design and fashion will change more rapidly than the culture as a whole. Fashion designers create and produce clothing articles.
The terms "fashionable" and "unfashionable" were employed to describe whether someone or something fits in with the current or even not so current, popular mode of expression.

The ones highlighted are the key words to the word Fashion. Who makes fashion popular? It must be the top, most influential fashion designers. Who are those top fashion designers? Most of them are non muslims, even so they are muslims, they must be liberals. So, this is what we should afraid of. They rules clothing industry and we the ones with little faith are so vulnerable to follow what they have served. As said earlier, fashion change more rapidly than the culture. Where as, it shouldn't happen in Islamic culture because Islam is a complete way life, which is practical anytime, anywhere.

I wish I could be the middle person who knows how to blend well the trendy fashion styles and the hijabis needs. For some reason, I don't think I could because I am still learning about fashion. To be able to do so, I think I have to quit my job, take some related professional courses and work as a full time stylist. Since, it is far than I could reach, I would like to summon all Muslim fashion designers out there to work hard to the professional level in order to fight the current westerners fashion designers.

Last weekend, in the morning, I was chilling at home while catching some news in Harian Metro. As usual, reading Harian Metro at times could be daunting. However, my attention is given to an advert article entitled "T Shirt labuh muslimah by Ilham-Muslimah". Having talked about dressing modesly, I think the t-shirt labuh/elongated T-shirt introduced by Ilham-Muslimah could fit nicely in the word modesty. In the very beginning when T-shirt labuh being commersialised, I never liked it much because it looks like wearing a pyjama. But, I just loved the new designs with laced bib necklines. The dress-like-cutting makes the T-shirt even more stunning. I can now imagine wearing it with my favourite slim-fit/skinny jeans. Below are my favourites.

Happy buying with Ilham-Muslimah.


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