Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Entry Reminiscence: wearing RED

Few days ago, I blogged about wearing RED ("Is Wearing Red Considered Too Much for A Muslimah"). Today, I would like to share the idea of wearing red as part of the outfit. See picture as below. At first, I thought the colour combination looks silly, but after seeing the results from the picture, I kinda liked it a lot. The picture was taken last Deepa-Saturday at Taman Tasik Perdana. Me and my childhood friends from Sekolah Rantau Petronas had a little catch up meeting aka gathering after years not seeing each other. I was a bit frustrated by the unexpected "English" weather. After almost 2 hours got stuck under a shelter due to pouring rain, then only we all managed to come out and "play". By that time, it was already 6pm and I defintely had to go home.

From Left To Right:
Me, Aisha, Hani, Khairi, Nikman, Fara and Anuar.
Style Details:
Floral Square Scarf from Tie Rack.
White Cotton Dress from Mango.
Black Corduroy Skinny Jeans from Pennys.
Red Peep toe Wedges from Schuh.

Till next round.


  1. cantik nya ur wedges!
    suka suka :)

    it looks more to pink?

  2. Yeap, that wedges is gorgeous. Loike it a lot. =)

  3. ur look...da tgk sume dalam blog nih!!! will follow u!! i'll link u??ok ke??