Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sneak Peek Of Baju Raya

Open House at Shu's place, Bangi. I was wearing kebaya moden made 3 years ago. I knew wearing kebaya is a huge mistake for big appetite like me. I was a bit uncomfortable after a plate of nasi ayam served at Shu's place. There is no room to expand my stomach. My tummy was tuck in by the kain and pesak kebaya yang dah agak ketat. I insisted to wear that 3-year-old kebaya with the reason "while I still can fit in". I am afraid the chance of wearing that kebaya will be gone soon enough before I thought. Hehehe

Raya with sisters and cousins. I hate seeing me in that Baju kurung China Silk just because of its shoulder pads. They are too bulky as if I was wearing American football sports attire. However, I still like it considering the price is only RM39 and the colour is light pink.

On day-3 raya morning, family and I went visiting Mok's (Arwah nenek) grave and presented her with tahlil. So, there's no need to dress up a lot. I simply chose a baju kurung zaman sekolah with yellow cotton munawarah tudung to enlighten my misery after visiting arwah Mok.

This is raya day 2 at paternal's place, Kg. Surau Salor, Kota Bharu. I was posing with Mek, my grandmother. This is baju kurung moden, which supposedly become last year's baju raya. Unfortunately, it was only ready for collection after raya. Therefore, I kept for this year's raya. Alhamdulillah, I managed to save extra costs. Heee...

1st syawal was celebrated with this brand new ready-made baju kurung moden. The size is Large as the cutting is a bit small for me. Darling husband was a bit devastated as I didnt choose to wear blue to match his baju melayu. Ampun maaf di pinta sayang. Anyways, thanks for duit raya.

p/s: Lalalala...still ader mood nak beraya?takde org nak ajak pegi open house lagik ker??hehehe
Jgn lupe, kalo berkesempatan puasa 6.



  1. i pun dpt duit raya dari pulak rasa sbb zaman dpt duit raya dah lama sgt berlalu :-)

  2. Alhamdulillah rezeki isteri kan kan kan...

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