Friday, July 31, 2009

Real People, Real Fashion: This is Dini's Style

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I would like to thank my dear good friend Dini, for being very supportive. Thanks to Zul (Dini's husband) jugak. So, here is the very first entry for Real People, Real Fashion segment.

This is Dini's Style:
1. Dress from Bershka (harga tak ingat tp murah laa less than 20eur kot)
2. Short cardigan from Seed (pun x ingat harga sbb dh lama)

3. Boot-cut Levi's (tp nmpk cam straight cut
4. Tudung bawal

5. And I put on a belt because the dress is kembang.kalau x nmpk cam pregnant!!

Nice Red dress, look very modest and stylish. I do agree some dresses just make us look bigger than usual. Thus, sometimes belt helps for better outcome. You Go Girl!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From The Closet: Pinky Hem Top

Tulip Hem Vest fron Topshop.

Yet, another hottest summer tunic or jersey top. Usually, what we see is a clear cut and body-fitting top. Whereas this one comes in hem-like-dress. Hence, it's called tunic length oversized vest. If you're looking for loose jersey top, this is just perfect. Just be aware that hem style is meant to enhance the shape of your hip and "back". Thus, it might not suitable for someone with existing large "back" side. Perhaps, like mine.

Once, I felt strange walking in this shocking pink top. So, maybe next time, I'll choose my long black cardigan to wear on top of it. Hopefully, it helps tone it down a bit. I think the last time I wore something pink was about 3 years ago. I don't really fancy pink but as a genuine lady, sometimes, I'd love to give it a go.

White Shirt from Awear 10eur
Pink Tudung bawal
Pink Straight Cut Pant from Padini RM50.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Khaleeji Style VS Siti Nurhaliza Style

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Above of all clothings, tudung/hijab plays the most important part in becoming a true muslimah. One person normally transforms for better by starting wearing hijab. They usually choose something that is very easy, light and most comfortable as trying to avoid frustration. Regardless, if they're fully covered or not.

Now, Siti Nurhaliza has become on of those. Alhamdulillah, she had the intention to start wearing tudung. However, after a year seeing her tudung style, I am more irritated than ever. Maybe because she's very influnetial top celebrity in Malaysia. Now, I see her as bad tudung-figure. Furthermore, her recent style wearing only "serkup" at the very back of her head is hideous. I'd prefer if she choose turban than little "serkup" which sometimes looks like Jewish cap. Nevertheless, her most famous style which almost Khaleeji Style is quite stunning. This reminds me of the old Malay women who used "kain sarung" as to cover their head. Yet, still never agree with the revealing of hair and neck.

As per true Khaleeji Hijab Style (which means tudung style of the Gulf), it is designed using a long rectangular scarf or pashmina/shayla on top of the amirah cap. This style definitely covers the neck and head (but not the chest, though).

The Original Khaleeja Hijab Style

I like Khaleeji style and have tried it but didn't really work that well. It's easy, but difficult to maintain (high maintenace style!!!).

Learn how to wear the original Khaleeji Hijab style, tutored by Adilah from her YouTube post. Click here. However, if you're looking for easier Khaleeji Style, you can just buy the "tudung siti" and wear it with mini "tudung ekin". Now, we can call it "tudung siti ekin". Hehe. Whatever...

Hajaba Collections.

p/s: Fadzie might also be wearing "tudung siti ekin" for one of her Raya styles.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Harem Trousers

Ever familiar with HAREM trouser? Don't be mistaken by the literature meaning of Harem which is the part of a Muslim palace or house reserved for the residence of women back in Ottoman Empire. I'm talking here about HAREM TROUSERS OR PANTS which is completely non-related to above definition. Or, in my own other name: "Seluar Aladdin".

Harem Trouser from Topshop

This not-so-new Harem Pant started with Yves Saint Lauren and Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2008 Runway show. Unfortunately, the style just never get it there for too long. There were just so many hideous critics than appraisal. Maybe, Westerners never like the idea of baggy and sagging. Of course, they prefer open and figure fitting. Now, the propaganda is clear: womens sexual exploitation. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

YSL and Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2008 Paris Fashion Week.

For me, I love HAREM pant. It suits my needs. I first saw this harem pant worn by one ska reggae lady while walking on Henry Street, Dublin. The style is loose, baggy from lower hip and narrowed down at the ankle. It looks sooo comfortable. Then, I went to Istanbul, just the right time and place for me to find one or two harem pants. I already had in my mind what kind of tops might suits. It can be either clear cut shirts or blouses. However, it's not as easy as I thought. It can be quite challenging and difficult to pull off. See the result as below. Mmg haram tak lawa!!Hahaha my husband and parents couldn't stop making fun of me. I felt like I was wearing my pyjamas.

Fashion Victim

Now, this is Ciara (Listen to her duet with Enrique Iglesias, Taking Back My Love. Just love it). She looks decent and very modest. Don't you like it? Well, I do. Strappy stilettos upgraded the Harem trousers. This style gives me some inspiration for the next time I wear my harem.

Actually, i bought another Harem in Turkey which is slightly different than we've seen so far. It almost look like a skirt. See it below:

Purple Harem Trouser with Cotton Long Sleeve Blouse and Strappy Heels. The last picture shows additional sleeveless black cardigan with waist belt.

Harem definitely not my regular wear. It took me a lot of time in the mirror and some strength to walk out of the door. Pheww...

With My SIL at Barcelonata Beach. She was wearing flowery harem.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

From The Closet: Purity and Innocence

White symbolises purity and innocence. However, without good care, it stains easily.

White Cotton V-neck Dress from MNG
Bought it 2 years back in KL for sale price around RM40.

Now, let's play with it.

1) Street Chic In Denim
Normally, I wear a white long sleeve body suit to cover the arms to keep the originality of the white dress. Just pair it with any of your favourite jeans. The waist belt gives some detail or leave it for a simple plain look.

Slim fit jeans in metallic light blue from Guess 15pounds at Bicester Village, London
(incredibly cheap)
Polyester Scarf from Tie rack 8eur
Wide waist belt from New Look 5eur
Purse from Follie Follie 35eur
Wedges from Pennys 5eur (yet another bargain!)

2) Dark Angel

Some just like black a lot. Maybe it suits your night out. Black body suits and jeans might also counter-balanced the "fatty" look reflected from wearing white.

Boot Cut Jeans in Black from Guess 35eur
Polyester Scarf from Tie Rack 5eur
Black Rose chain
Wide Fit Sandals from Clarks 40eur
Large handbag from pasar malam.

3) Semi Formal

I chose a very lightweight button blouse to bring some elegance to the dress. I think it might suit in rather hot climate. The flat shoes bring extra comfort hence it's called semi formal. But, stilettos goes perfectly well . Even more flattering.

Stretchable Grey Boot Cut Pant from Vero Moda 10eur
Tudung Jln TAR RM5
Cotton Blouse in Navy Blue from Warehouse 5pounds
White rose chain from Miss Selfridge 5eur
Leather Shoes from Warehouse 5pounds
My Dior Medium Pocket bag

So, ladies which one would you prefer? Have you any other names for all the styles above?

p/s: sorry for the low quality pictures. My camera just broke recently. Will get a new one till I get home in Malaya (for good...hooray!!)

Our 1st Anniversary Lunch.
Till we meet again.

You Are What You Wear

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I'd like to begin with Hijab/tudung/scarf. So, when you see any lady (regardless their colour, race and nationality) covering full of her hair/head and neck, what would be the first impression you have in mind? Well, I would say "she's a muslim" and if that happens in Dublin or anywhere in non-islamic city, I'll speak my mind by saying "Assalamualaikum". Simple isnt it?

White dress from MNG
Boot Cut Jeans from Levi's
Pumps from Dunnes store.
Pink shopper bag from BB plaza.

However, if you encounter a lady wearing almost "cloth-less" here and there. Some people might say she's "sexy". I would say "she's a whore" (harsh-nyerr). But, if i know that person is a muslim, I would say " May Allah swt guide you". Simple isn't it? You are what you wear. You can't stop first impressions. Follow these Golden Rules.

There are three golden rules when it comes to making a great first impression.

  • Always make a good first impression
  • You only get a few seconds to make a good first impression
  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression
That's just happen because our society has become image-based. The greatest influence on a first impression is from what you are wearing plus some other details such as bracelets, necklace, shoes and make up. (tetibe teringt, makcik2 kaya dikenali dgn gelang2 emas di tangan hehehe).

To be honest, i dont care what people think. In this real world, hollywood styles has conquered it all. Thank god, i dont really buy them all. I am very selective. Hey, isn't that what fashionable muslimah ladies should do? You only pick up thing that is right to you. To me it is simple, I'll wear what I want as long as I am well covered.

In fact, I used to get a compliment from one Irish sales assistant at Oasis for my dressing. She liked the way I matched the colour of my tudung and my outfit. I can't remember exactly. what I was wearing. It happened about 2 or 3 years ago. (No riak please, nauzubillah). I am just trying to make a point that even westerners view it as nice.

According to Jo-Barret-Lennard . Women who care about their appearance are seen as
  • More credible
  • More capable
  • More intellegent
  • Having a higher self esteem
  • Being more confident

than those who look slightly less pulled together.

Nevertheless, being decent, simple and neat always work anywhere, anytime. Apatah lagi, berpakaian yang betul2 mengikut syariat islam, lagilah diangkat darjatnya. A reminder to me as well. Good Luck, ladies.

Lady Gaga in her video, Poker Face.

She's just another rising fashion icon. My impression: SHE HAS NO TASTE AT ALL. Have some shame laa you lady!

p/s: bilelah aku nak anggap bertudung labuh itu fashionable? O Allah, please guide me.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shop In Styles

I think most who loves fashion must also loves shopping or vice versa. They just complement each others need. Being a fashion lover doesnt mean you're fashionable. I do agree that some people just dont know how to put it all together. So, I hope this entry will help a bit. Just a reminder, I am not an expert, never qualified but I love to share some tips and ideas. I hope u'll do the same.

Summer sales now on. It is time to grab the best bargains of the year. Loads of clothings are now reduced up to 70%. However, hitting the shops can be more of a ruthless sport so it is important to be prepared for raiding the high street in comfort. This definitely happens every weekend all year round.

Female First suggested a light and floaty dress (see picture above) is perfect for shopping. However, most summer dresses are sleveless. Thus, you can try put on a layer of cardigan (chose materials that suits your area climate) to cover the bare shoulder and chest. Try to wear your tudung/scarf first, lower it down to cover the chest before you wear the cardigan. This helps to maintain your tudung while walking through the hustles of shopping.

However, Floaty dress like the one shown might not suitable for some ppl yg sedikit berisi or perut buncit (just like me). So the way u can cover it up is by putting a waist belt for a slimmer look. At least, it also can do "ikat perut" to overcome the cravings for extra food.

Ok ladies. That's all for now. Happy shopping.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Styles for This new blog Opening!

London Winter 2008.
My body well-insulated with this Vintage H&M Coat yang sgt kembang. So, I added the belt to bring some waist for a feminine look.
Sling Bag from Miss Selfridge 15eur.
I wore sneakers for comfort. They are from Clarks.
Tudung tie rack.

I remembered there was one time in this trip, I was stopped by 2 british teenage girls asked if they can snap a picture of me for their school street fashion magazine. I was delighted and gave them my best pose.

At a friend's solemnisation, Dini last year.
Tudung bawal which main lilit.
Baju Kurung modern - embroided. I cant remember was it satin or silk.
This is my first kain meter yg I beli sendiri with my own pocket money. Then, I sent it to my mom's friend who is also tukang jahit. Saya matchkan sendiri baju dan kain tapi they are both from same shop. If im not mistaken, i bought it at Akel ke ape name.

Christmas Dinner 2007 - Husband's office.
Tudung: Tie rack
Dress: New Look 15eur
Skinny Jeans Primark 15eur
Belt from New Look 3eur
Clutch from New Look 5eur.
Shoes from New Look 10eur.

Gosh, just realised it's all NeW lOOK!!
hahaha. sbb murah.

Welcome to Let Loose and Style, Make it YOUR Fashion Magazine.

Me and My husband on my graduation day June 2008. I wore pair of suit from Primark 40eur + Guess Silk Scarf 50eur + Aldo shoes 30eur.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

My name is Fadzwani Basri. Friends simply call me Fadzie. I am married to my most beloved person Azli for nearly 2 years. I am truly ordinary person who always into fashion since I was little. However, as I grow up, I realize being a good muslimah is always priority than being a true fashionista. So, whenever I dressed up or even before I buy my clothings, I always keep in mind that I am a muslim and I want to keep my modesty and some decencies. So, I made up my own two rules (which actually from hukum Allah pon), at least my dressings has to be:

1. Longgar
2. Labuh

However, I do admit sometimes those two rules arent met in what i wear. If that happens, I definitely wont be in my best mood, I could never walk at ease. I dont even feel safe especially if i see my butt pops out. Hmm, sometimes I wish I have a flat one. Ok, enough said.

Now, I would like to invite you all to send me your entry with your very exclusive fashion that meets Allah's Rules. I hope you guys are willing to share. This is OUR fashion magazine, in which everyone is free to join and hopefully you can share your styles. Let Loose and Style...

If you wish to submit your entry. Please at least includes some details as below.

Event: Shopping
Style: u name it. What do you think?
Cardigan from Promod (Bought in Geneva) around 20eur
Waist belt: Isetan, KL.
Inner top from Uptown Malaysia kat mane entah tak ingt.
Jeans straight cut from Guess 30eur.
Shoes from Aldo 30eur.
Bag Dior 200pounds.

Thank you very much for your time.
Email me your pictures and details: