Monday, July 27, 2009

Khaleeji Style VS Siti Nurhaliza Style

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Above of all clothings, tudung/hijab plays the most important part in becoming a true muslimah. One person normally transforms for better by starting wearing hijab. They usually choose something that is very easy, light and most comfortable as trying to avoid frustration. Regardless, if they're fully covered or not.

Now, Siti Nurhaliza has become on of those. Alhamdulillah, she had the intention to start wearing tudung. However, after a year seeing her tudung style, I am more irritated than ever. Maybe because she's very influnetial top celebrity in Malaysia. Now, I see her as bad tudung-figure. Furthermore, her recent style wearing only "serkup" at the very back of her head is hideous. I'd prefer if she choose turban than little "serkup" which sometimes looks like Jewish cap. Nevertheless, her most famous style which almost Khaleeji Style is quite stunning. This reminds me of the old Malay women who used "kain sarung" as to cover their head. Yet, still never agree with the revealing of hair and neck.

As per true Khaleeji Hijab Style (which means tudung style of the Gulf), it is designed using a long rectangular scarf or pashmina/shayla on top of the amirah cap. This style definitely covers the neck and head (but not the chest, though).

The Original Khaleeja Hijab Style

I like Khaleeji style and have tried it but didn't really work that well. It's easy, but difficult to maintain (high maintenace style!!!).

Learn how to wear the original Khaleeji Hijab style, tutored by Adilah from her YouTube post. Click here. However, if you're looking for easier Khaleeji Style, you can just buy the "tudung siti" and wear it with mini "tudung ekin". Now, we can call it "tudung siti ekin". Hehe. Whatever...

Hajaba Collections.

p/s: Fadzie might also be wearing "tudung siti ekin" for one of her Raya styles.



  1. Babe, i agree yang 'serkup' Siti nampak macam Jewish cap tu. I thought i sorang je yang ingat camtu :)

  2. Entala kann Reena. Wallahualam. Br blk from Kuantan ek??Fantastic!!I used to dream living there...=). Take a good rest..

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